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November 21, 2023
Gristaline Metters
November 29, 2023



TEXPANEL® is a novel mix of the strength and lightness of aluminium profiles with the versatility of fabrics. This system reinvents basic frames, providing a distinctive and contemporary method to promote your company or decor.

Forget about the bulky and rough frames that detract from the overall appeal. TEXPANEL® delivers not only beauty and utility but also excellent simplicity of installation. Because of its simple design, even those with no prior knowledge or specific tools may easily assemble the frame

TEXPANEL® has the following advantages:

Versatile: A great choice for advertising and information panels, as well as attractive space separators, ornamental displays, and show stands.

Light and sophisticated design: The frame is practically invisible without superfluous features, enabling the image to shine out.

Economical:TEXPANEL® is an excellent investment for sites that need to change their look often, such as retail stores or showrooms.

Easy to transport: The system takes up little room when dismantled, making it easy to carry and store.

Customization: Backlighting adds vitality to your design and enhances the visual impression.

TEXPANEL® may help you realise your idea, whether you want to offer a new product, diversify the interior, or create a beautiful section in a commercial space.

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