Traditional Wallpaper –
August 24, 2023
November 29, 2023

Traditional Wallpaper


Traditional wallpaper represents domestic comfort, brimming with warmth and charm. With a long history behind it, this traditional product remains a popular choice for a variety of interior projects. It is suitable for both walls and ceilings and adds not only a polished aspect to any area but also comfort and individuality.

Whether you prefer one of our original designs or wish to make your own, our wallpapers provide limitless opportunities for expression:

• Rolls up to 130 cm wide making it simple to cover vast areas and provide a flawless finish with no interruptions.
• The high-quality craftsmanship with paperback and PVC coating with a delicate grainy texture not only provides an attractive appearance but also ensures longevity.
• Our wallpapers have vibrant and vivid colours due to the high-quality latex printing. You obtain a great outcome whether you choose delicate halftones, intricate shadows, or pure black.
• On top of that, our wallpapers have a strong resilience to wear and tear, making them an excellent solution for a range of settings.

Invest in a timeless classic that will never go out of style! Our historic wallpapers will convert your house, business, or restaurant into a stylish and comfortable environment.