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August 24, 2023
Bed Linen
August 24, 2023

Wall sticker


Stickers and photos are a fun and creative way to decorate walls. They are an extremely easy and affordable means to give a new look to ANY room - without the need for paint or upholstery. Whether you are looking for inspiration to renovate a children's room, bedroom, living room, office or retail space, these original and colorful patterns will put an emphasis or put a finishing touch on the interior of your room. In addition to wall decor, stickers can be used to decorate other surfaces such as furniture or laptops, as they will not leave any marks or unpleasant glue if removed. In addition, the specially designed adhesive layer allows multiple repositioning.
Gekkotex™ with textile finish and self-adhesive base, allowing multiple repositioning.

60х60 cm, 60х120 cm, 120х120 cm. Photo Wallpaper - by individual order.
Vintage, anime and others