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Gold Mandala
November 29, 2023
Metal Plates
November 29, 2023



Exhibitions provide opportunities for businesses to introduce themselves to a broad audience and create a lasting impression. We show our revolutionary TexPanel frame systems to provide a memorable involvement. They are great for creating visually appealing and useful stands. Backlighting is an option for self-supporting wall constructions, which adds an artistic touch to your design. We also provide branded carpet and block-out textiles for a strong, premium imprint that ensures complete coverage and rich colours.

• Safety first - our fabrics and inks have safety and non-flammability certificates, providing you with peace of mind during the exhibition. 
• The architecture of our systems permits simple mobility both within and outside of the nation, so wherever your next participation takes you, TexPanel will be there.
• With a wide range of textiles available, you may select the texture and quality that best suits your demands and vision.
• Complete your look with a wide range of finishes and accessories intended for simple installation and hanging to ensure the stability and professional appearance of your booth.

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