Decors for opera and theatre –
Photographic background systems
November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

Decors for opera and theatre


Set design is an important aspect of any stage performance, whether it be theatre, opera, ballet, or a special event. In this sense, we provide a great stage set design to enhance the visual impact of any performance. Many stage designers have previously recognised and taken use of the benefits of textile printing, which is incredibly light, airy, and glare-free. This technique makes it possible to cut, hang, and move scenery without risk of harm.

• The print on our textile backgrounds is of excellent quality, with rich and saturated colours that lend depth and character to any scene.
• Safety is our top priority: we only use certified safe and non-flammable materials and inks, giving you peace of mind and protection.
• Our fabric assortment is diverse in terms of texture and performance, allowing each project to have its own distinct look.
• Our cloth backgrounds enable light to pass through slightly when illuminated, bringing charm and intrigue to any scene.

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